Weve Source’s five rules for brilliant mobile creative


Rowan Newman – Head of Creative at Weve.

Mobile creativity doesn’t get much positive press at the moment. Sadly it’s getting worse as poor creative has been one of the problems credited with the rise in mobile adblocking. So what can be done about it? At Weve we believe there is plenty, through harnessing the power of the mobile device, its capabilities, it’s unique qualities and its captive audience. Since I launched Weve Source, our creative division in late 2014 we have been sharing our learnings with clients to keep improving the quality of their creative executions. I wanted to share my top five rules for making brilliant mobile creative… Continue reading

The Holy Trinity of Digital: Mobile Video, Data & Artificial Intelligence


Stephen Upstone – CEO and Founder of LoopMe

We live in a world of information-overload. On average we see 362 advertising messages per day but only 12 will make a significant impression. With brands like Coca Cola, Microsoft and Ford often spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns it is vital their ads cut through the clutter and make a lasting impact on their consumers. By harnessing the holy trinity of digital advertising, mobile video, data and artificial intelligence, brands can ensure their adverts are one of the select few that make a stand-out impression. Continue reading

Ad Formats and Mobile Programmatic Evolve and Collide


Noelia Amoedo, CEO of mediasmart


The rapid evolution of programmatic ad tech has created platforms that can now use first and third party data and artificial intelligence to deliver very sophisticated predictive targeting – enhancing the media buying process to allow marketers to quickly target very specific audiences. Continue reading