New Chapter Launches To Helps Marketers Grasp Opportunities In Germany, #5 Biggest Mobile Ad Spend Market Worldwide


To meet the need of brands and marketers for education and guidance, a requirement that is growing almost as quickly as the opportunities for growth in the German market are multiplying,  the MMA Germany has launched with experts and expertise from founding member companies including: adsquare, Coca-Cola, Google, SAP XM, Smaato, Telefónica Deutschland and Unilever.

Timing is everything–and the launch of the MMA Germany, on the heels of dmexco (the leading international trade show and conference for the digital economy that this year attracted a 50,700 visitors to its doors in Cologne) clearly underlines Germany’s leading position and potential as a powerhouse market for mobile marketing and advertising.

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Who owns the mobile experience? The growing disconnect between advertisers, mobile operators and consumers


Written by Matt Berriman, Co- Founder at Unlockd

There’s no denying it. The smartphone has become a centrepiece in our lives. It’s a screen you are compelled to look at when you wake up and probably one of the last things you see before placing your head on the pillow each night. Chances are, you’re probably even reading this on a mobile device.

Today, there are more than two billion smartphones globally with the number expected to pass the six billion mark by 2020.

Popular electronics like VR headsets, fitness bands, and smart watches are all accessories to the smartphone. Think about it – an entire ecosystem of hardware and software products are dependent on this one central device.

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The Perpetual Cycle of Hardware, Telcos and Mobile Advertising.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 17.30.04.png

Alexander Ayres, Sales Manager at Weve

2003 was my first smartphone experience: the Nokia 6600. This was a simpler time where the world was inhabited by Symbians (while that may sound like an alien, this was the name of the first smartphone OS); you could install all types of software for productivity and pleasure, boost memory with SD cards and search the web. Screens were measured with pixels not retinas, memory in megabytes and internet was run on WAP/GSM, not 4G or LTE. Fast forward to 2007 and Apple launches the iPhone in the UK, exclusively on the O2 network, and the smartphone was reborn.

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Smart Mobile Advertising Requires Intelligent Ad Serving


Philppa Page, Mobile Business Development Manager at Flashtalking, Inc.

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this on your phone. In fact, the odds are better than even that you are reading this on your phone or tablet. That’s because in 2015, UK adults began spending more time on their mobile devices than on desktop, according to eMarketer.

The reality is, smartphones and tablets – two technologies that didn’t exist a decade ago – are now taking up an increasing amount of our time. One parlor game I like to play is to visit a public place like a restaurant or park and count the number of people who aren’t engaged with their phones. They are often in the minority.

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