Driving Renault’s Marketing Strategy with Mobile Video


Stephen Upstone, CEO & Founder of LoopMe

When auto brands launch a new car it is crucial to get the advertising strategy right. A good ad campaign will make consumers aware of the car. A great campaign can be the deciding factor in getting a customer to book a test drive.

For the launch of Renault’s new C-Class Crossover release, the All-New KADJAR, Manning Gottlieb OMD challenged LoopMe to create an award-winning mobile video campaign. The campaign used the original TV creative and additional video content to drive awareness of the brand among the target audience, increase brand uplift and brand perception, while promoting the car’s features through UK specific storytelling.The campaign objectives were to distribute these videos to the target market of ‘hero dads’, (tech-savvy men, aged 35-49 with children) that were in the market to buy a car. Campaign success was judged on video completion rates and visits to the product site, with the overarching goal to make the All-New Renault KADJAR a household name.

Focusing on simplicity, interaction and adventure, the ad unit design focused on capturing the attention of the users and encouraging them to engage with the brand. The campaign featured two impactful full-screen ad units, using a mixture of the high-quality video and the latest rich media HTML5 technology, delivering a clear and effective brand message. Users who saw the video ad were subsequently retargeted with the rich media ad unit to maximize brand awareness. 

The campaign was placed in well-chosen premium and brand-safe publisher environments and ran across all mobile devices in mobile web and in-app, reaching the necessary scale and impact.

Using LoopMe’s Data Management Platform and Artificial Intelligence engine allowed for the campaign to be targeted and optimized in real-time. By employing various data layers, including information such as location, demographic, geo and behavioral history, the DMP built specific audience profiles of users who were most likely to engage with the ad.

The AI, working on an impression level, then drew from trillions of data points within the DMP and used predictive analysis to determine the likelihood of a specific user engaging with the ad and targeted it accordingly. This ensured the best possible campaign performance and a cost-effective use of campaign budget. 

Overall, the campaign generated impressive results, outperforming industry benchmarks on many KPIs and delivered over 13,986 hours (over a year and a half) of brand contact time.

On Device Research were commissioned to prove the campaign’s impact on brand metrics. Results showed that the campaign delivered the best ever results recorded by On Device for brand consideration, and was in the top three for ad recall and the second best campaign recorded for purchase intent. The campaign delivered a 350% uplift in mobile ad recall, a 78% increase in brand consideration and a 76% uplift in purchase intent, compared to a control group. 

On Device also showed that the combination of video and rich media ad formats had a much bigger effect on the campaign’s effectiveness than a single format would have had. Matthew Dodd, Global MD at On Device Research, said: “The results were hugely impressive versus our normative database. The campaign outperformed our motors’ normative scores across all key campaign effectiveness measures.”

The Renault campaign went on to win the award for Brand Awareness at the MMA Smarties and won the ‘Most Effective Use of Video’ award at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards this year.

Have a look at the campaign video to see the award-winning creatives and campaign execution.

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