When y became i and how you can “get more here”

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Chris Babayode, Managing Director, MMA EMEA

As marketers, we have to constantly adapt and change to new demands, technology and the consumer, to stay relevant and make an impact. We market ourselves and rebrand when we need to make an impact, this can be seen with my eldest daughter. When she was born we named her Jennifer and within days, everyone was calling her Jenny. The name Jenny stayed until sixth form when, aged 16, she decided to become Jenni. It might seem like just a y changing to an i, but it was much more, it was a rebrand. She was the same genetically with the same outgoing, gregarious personality but she knew she was taking on responsibility becoming a school leader. This is just like the MMA, we are the same dedicated community to mobile marketing innovation, but we are re-branding and aim to take on a more impactful mission.

The re-launch sees the MMA driving against a new mission – to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement.

No re-launch is complete without a rebrand. Therefore, we’ve unveiled a bold, new and engaging logo. The integration of the three-line menu navicon (that means ‘get more here’) into the MMA’s branding and logo is an invitation to the mobile industry in the UK to get involved with the MMA UK and collaborate as we champion mobile marketing. Continue reading

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Talking Mobile


Sally Harvey, Director of Membership Strategy EMEA , MMA

Welcome to the second edition of Talking Mobile, the MMA UK Blog. We hope you enjoyed last months edition, any feedback you may have would be most welcome. This week we have posts on push notifications, mobile and social change, and don’t forget to check out the education page to download presentations from the Mobile Advertising  MMA UK Training Workshop. 

The MMA UK Social – Thursday 1st May

MMA members are invited to join us at the MMA UK Social on Thursday 1st May, from 6pm until late. Sponsored by Fetch and LoopMe, this first of many MMA UK Socials and will be the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends,  network with clients and hopefully generate some new business. To register and find out more information click here

Written by Sally Harvey, 

Director of Membership Strategy EMEA,


Talking Mobile, a resource for MMA Members, marketers and mobile innovators

Stephen Upstone CEO & Founder of LoopMe Chair of MMA UK

Stephen Upstone
CEO & Founder of LoopMe

Talking Mobile is a resource for MMA Members, marketers and mobile innovators to discover and voice opinions around industry news, innovation and points of view. People can also find out more about the MMA UK and local activities and initiatives. If you would like to contribute please write to sally.harvey@mmaglobal.com with a clear proposal of what you would like to cover.

We are very fortunate to live and work in the greatest period of media innovation ever seen: rapid, persuasive and global. This is the mobile era and the change that we will see over the coming years will eclipse anything that we have seen before.

Dramatic change in consumers’ media habits due to the adoption of mobile smartphone and tablets create the perfect canvas to re-engineer marketing and advertising, globally, creating big winners and losers across all parts of the marketing ecosystem.

In the mobile era the MMA’s mission to make mobile marketing indispensable to marketers has never been more important.

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The End of the ‘Water Cooler Moment’

Claire Valoti Head of Agency Relations Facebook

Claire Valoti
Head of Agency Relations Facebook

Mobile has changed the way we talk about TV shows. That ‘water cooler moment’ that used to happen the day after your favourite show had aired now happens in real-time, online.  And a lot of it happens on Facebook, through mobile devices.

The fact that people talk about TV on Facebook has never been in doubt however it has often been assumed that TV-related Facebook interactions happen outside the show airing – not in real-time.  This is not the case.

The industry has also not truly understood the volumes of this chatter, since historically, we haven’t shared much information on this in the past.  Now, thanks to our new partnership with SecondSync, we will be sharing this information on an on-going basis to help clients understand how people are using Facebook to talk about topics such as TV.

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The ‘Battle for the Living Room’ doesn’t exist

Theo Theodorou, Senior VP EMEA Videology

Theo Theodorou,
Senior VP

One of the most exhausted phrases in our industry is the so-called ‘battle for the living room’. We’re still talking about this supposed need for advertisers to control a room in the house where people interact with videos.

Advertising on TV used to be a straight-forward concept when the trusty box-in-the-corner was the one screen in the home. Thanks to the meteoric rise in connected devices – from smartphones and tablets, to next-generation game consoles – we now live in a world where there is no ‘main’ screen. A huge 69 percent of British mobile users owned smartphones in 2012 – a figure set to rise further still – and we’re using this newfound connectivity to complement and augment viewing experiences across multiple devices.

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“Mobile is not a media, it’s a mindset!”

Welcome to the new MMA UK blog.

The MMA UK blog is a platform dedicated to showcasing the best use of mobile marketing, providing inspiration to brands and agencies.

The mobile channel may have the smallest screen, but contains the greatest opportunity to connect brands  directly with their consumers.  More than half of UK consumers will use smartphones this year  with over 30 million smartphone devices in the UK alone. Within 3 years mobile should take over desktop internet usage, further enforcing the importance of the mobile channel to stay competitive and at the forefront of consumer services.

We at the MMA UK have started this blog to help educate about mobile marketing, to promote innovative case studies, publish stats, facts and research and to provide the latest guidelines on regulations.  We look forward to developing this blog in the future and contributing information that brands and agencies can utilise to advance their impact on the mobile channel.

Let’s mobilise our ideas by thinking big on the small screen!


The MMA Team.




If you would like to contribute to the MMA UK Blog then please contact

Sally Harvey at Sally.harvey@mmaglobal.com