Driving Renault’s Marketing Strategy with Mobile Video


Stephen Upstone, CEO & Founder of LoopMe

When auto brands launch a new car it is crucial to get the advertising strategy right. A good ad campaign will make consumers aware of the car. A great campaign can be the deciding factor in getting a customer to book a test drive.

For the launch of Renault’s new C-Class Crossover release, the All-New KADJAR, Manning Gottlieb OMD challenged LoopMe to create an award-winning mobile video campaign. The campaign used the original TV creative and additional video content to drive awareness of the brand among the target audience, increase brand uplift and brand perception, while promoting the car’s features through UK specific storytelling. Continue reading

Wired2016: The Democratisation of Information


Timothea Horwell, Jr. Marketing and Research Manager at Weve

It’s estimated that 40% of the world is connected in one way or another, with this expected to rise to 100% over the next 20 years. Ultimately, this will democratise internet access, but result in 8 or 9 billion people requiring network capabilities. With the burgeoning digital revolution 2.0 and the exponential need to connect ‘things’ as well as people, a reliable and dependable infrastructure will be critical. It seems fitting then that the Wired2016 conference was sponsored by Telefonica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, as the emergence of IoT and M2M blur the lines between sectors, and telcos become increasingly tasked with connecting millions of devices, machines and users. Continue reading

Exploring the power of mobile as it merges with traditional display


Sofie Mobbs, Head of Mobile at Flashtalking

We’ve long been talking about the fast growth of mobile advertising. It’s no longer a prospect, but a fact. Mobile is taking a bigger chunk of the market share from traditional display – or rather traditional display is becoming more mobile. But as this happens, there’s a danger we forget to respect the differences between desktop and mobile screens. We may overlook the unique creative opportunities and tracking methodologies needed to secure true mobile performance, and thereby impair our ability to attribute its effectiveness correctly.


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Smart Mobile Advertising Requires Intelligent Ad Serving


Philppa Page, Mobile Business Development Manager at Flashtalking, Inc.

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this on your phone. In fact, the odds are better than even that you are reading this on your phone or tablet. That’s because in 2015, UK adults began spending more time on their mobile devices than on desktop, according to eMarketer.

The reality is, smartphones and tablets – two technologies that didn’t exist a decade ago – are now taking up an increasing amount of our time. One parlor game I like to play is to visit a public place like a restaurant or park and count the number of people who aren’t engaged with their phones. They are often in the minority.

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The future of gaming: mobile, augmented and built on micro-transactions?


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 13.49.28

Timothea Horwell, Research & Marketing Executive at Weve

A month on and as the dust settles, the novelty wanes, and it becomes less socially acceptable to chase a Pikachu down the street on your lunch break, we look at the future of gaming: mobile, augmented and built on micro-transactions.

As a game, it’s been hard to ignore. As a concept, it’s been near impossible; nothing has caused a media frenzy of this scale in quite some time, not even Brexit. Whatever your view on Pokémon Go, its impact in the last month has been undeniable. With more daily users than Twitter at one point, 100 million downloads and counting, and enough articles written about it to put Kim Kardashian to shame, Pokémon Go tapped into something in the zeitgeist to become the most popular mobile game of all time.

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Crawl, walk, swim – don’t get bitten by the cross device shark


Get the basics down before  attempting a cross-device strategy

Jos Pamboris

Jos Pamboris, Chief Product Officer at Flashtalking.

It wouldn’t be summer in the US without their TV Shark Week, but for the global ad tech industry it’s seemingly always Shark Week. That’s because, like a shark, the industry is constantly moving forward. Right now, the chum in the water is all about cross-device strategies. This is understandable, because consumers increasingly live a cross-device existence. But beware before you jump into cross-device waters with both feet. It’s best to have mastered a single device and all of its complexities before shifting your focus to cross-device. Otherwise, as Bill Gates once noted, “automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

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What devices can tell us about consumer intent


Joe Prusz, Head of Seller, Americas at Rubicon Project

The fact that most of us move from device to device throughout the day is common knowledge. An eBay Enterprise report found that 81% of consumers use more than one device to browse online and that 64% rely on more than one device in the evaluation and purchase of a single item. If that sounds impressive, consider that even those numbers will surely grow as mobile continues to expand and new devices hit the market.

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Location data: More than just a real-time tool

Tej Rek

Tej Rekhi, AVP Mobile Sales at Sizmek

A mobile world. A smartphone society. A connected generation. However you describe it we’re a nation addicted to our devices.

Over 70% of UK smartphone users check their mobile device within 15 minutes of waking, while almost as many look at it during the 15 minutes prior to going to bed. We use smartphones on public transport, at work, while shopping and eating out, while socialising with friends and family, and even while crossing the road. Continue reading

Will ad-blocking be the silver lining to a new age of great creative?

Associate Director - Mobile, MediaCom

Rhoanna Glenn, Associate Director of Mobile at MediaCom

When iOS9 hit our devices and a new wave of ad blockers hit the app stores there was a sudden panic. This is the beginning of the end of advertising, all ads will be blocked and we will all be out of a job!!

Six weeks after this release and there is only one ad blocker in the top 10 of the productivity charts. So should we as advertisers and publishers be worried? Continue reading


Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile at MEC Interaction

Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile at MEC Interaction

The behavior of avoiding ads has been with us for a long time, in fact, probably since the first ad was developed! I think it has now entered into urban myth status, that the National Grid sees its biggest spike in power at half time in the FA Cup final, as everyone watching at home goes to the kitchen, puts the kettle on, and avoids the ads. Back in the 90’s we had the curse of the pop-up ad, which led to the development of third party pop-up blocking software. By 2004, most web browsers had pop-up blockers built in as standard and another era of ad avoidance came to an end. Of course, before pop-up ads, people had been avoiding TV ads by fast forwarding through the ad breaks on programs they had recorded on their VHS recorder, and they are now doing the same with services such as Sky+. Continue reading