Ian James, General Manager International at Verve

For many, mobile devices have become a primary connection to the world — they teleport users from destination to destination throughout their day, at once utilitarian communication tools and personalized windows onto inspiring new experiences.

Today, there are two rising demographics of mobile influencers — a pair of generations that have never lived in a world without mobile. These Mobile Prodigies are born digital, growing up in a world of swiping, tapping, and scrolling. With so much to gain at their fingertips, they represent constantly evolving demands to which both advertisers and publishers must respond. Continue reading

Mobile marketing:  Engaging Gen X,Y & Z


Written by Jane Ostler, Managing Director, Media & Digital, Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar Millward Brown’s AdReaction: engaging Gen X, Y and Z study reveals vital insights into how marketers should use mobile, explains Jane Ostler, Managing Director of their Media & Digital practice.

Marketing communications are undergoing a seismic shift. Brand messages are slowly but surely moving away from the ad break and deeper into consumers’ lives, with much of this driven by the combined influences of younger audiences and mobile device usage.

AdReaction reveals that 74% of Gen Z (16-19 year olds) globally spends more than an hour a day on mobile devices, more than any other generation.

In this world of declining ad receptivity, brands must find new ways to reach consumers beyond the confines of traditional advertising, and need to use mobile in more creative ways than ever before.  Continue reading

How retailers can leverage mobile data in today’s data-driven world

Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

As the retail landscape evolves, it’s only natural that brands are shifting their focus away from the traditional online platforms. Increasingly, retailers are casting their gaze at the endless opportunities provided by mobile retail.

The reasons are simple: More people are using their internet-connected smartphones to shop online. According to a recent comScore report, mobile devices account for as much as 60% of the time spent browsing retail sites. That trend is up sharply from 2013, when less than half of retail site visits originated from tablets or smartphones. Continue reading