Deconstructing the In-App Bidding Landscape

By Peggy Anne Salz

One of the top trends in mobile monetization over recent years is a concept that comes with many different names. In-app bidding, also known as mobile header bidding, parallel bidding, or unified auctions, is a model that continues to gain momentum in the mobile advertising ecosystem, albeit at a slower pace than its desktop counterpart. There are a myriad of in-app bidding products available in the market today and PubNative, now part of Verve Group, has compared 17 of them side-by-side while also detailing the history behind the technology.

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Successful Brand Marketing Plans Include In-App Native Ads


Eddie de Guia, Co-Founder & Managing Director, PubNative

No brand will ever want to advertise on mobile if the ads through which they are represented are intrusive, disruptive or low quality. For this reason, mobile native advertising has gained considerable attention in the past 12-18 months, and this is good news for advertisers, publishers, and users alike.

An increase in mobile spend, without affecting any of the other channels, will considerably increase the overall ROI of a cross-channel campaign, according to the recent SMoX report from MMA. Further, mobile is a strong driver of campaign performance across the entire funnel.

Now, add the power of native advertising. The ads are relevant and driven to the right audience segments via either keywords or audience insights, but also fit the form and the function of the content in which they’re shown.

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