How Artificial Intelligence can aid retailers

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Pete O’Mara Kane, VP Sales at LoopMe

90% of retailers reported a drop in foot traffic in the last 5 years

This week LoopMe launched our Retail Foot Traffic Research. We were looking to see the impact of declining foot traffic to stores, using a working hypothesis developed from insights from the British Retail Council who found that there was a 1% drop in foot traffic registered across the UK.

Almost 90% of the 250 retail decision makers in UK reported a drop in foot traffic over the last 5 years and 93% reported a loss in store revenue. Meanwhile, a record £133bn was spent online in 2016, a growth of 16% in one year. Continue reading

How retailers can leverage mobile data in today’s data-driven world

Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

As the retail landscape evolves, it’s only natural that brands are shifting their focus away from the traditional online platforms. Increasingly, retailers are casting their gaze at the endless opportunities provided by mobile retail.

The reasons are simple: More people are using their internet-connected smartphones to shop online. According to a recent comScore report, mobile devices account for as much as 60% of the time spent browsing retail sites. That trend is up sharply from 2013, when less than half of retail site visits originated from tablets or smartphones. Continue reading