Maximising Mobile Video Content – Without Cutting Your Hand Off


Peter Haslett, Head of Client Development at Realeyes Ltd.

As the sun sets on Cannes, I was personally very pleased to see a theme of quality vs quantity get the spotlight.

The urge to push creative boundaries is no doubt high but as we know, high quality production doesn’t save an idea that does not inherently make us (the audience) sit-up and pay attention.  So this is about inspiring creativity, breathing oxygen in to ideas and identifying where risk brings reward vs going too far in an attempt to disrupt and/or surprise.

The crux of this is that getting feedback through the creative development process at speed, dramatically reduces costly iterations and disruption to time-pressured workflows.

While this may be embraced for linear media (TV), mobile is often an after-thought when it comes to video content creation.  If not, I bet assessing content quality most certainly is.  A little ironic what with ‘mobile first’ being at the forefront of innovation and viewing content on mobile devices continuing to grow rapidly.

The consensus seems to be “we don’t have the time”.  It includes both “no time” to wait for results or “no time” to act on them, before going live.

I’d like to suggest at a time when rear-view metrics like view-throughs and CTRs are driving media investment without any connection to why/how content is working and, more specifically, with whom, brands do in fact have a unique opportunity to quite easily increase their Mobile Marketing ROI.

Unlike linear media, mobile offers us, the viewers, the opportunity for immediate connection to any combination of more content, more detailed information, relevant promotions, and e-commerce.  Further, content is probably viewed in a lot more unique situations/scenarios, and according to Facebook, with the sound OFF (as much as 85% of the time, see

As such, the ability to assess content efficiently  – quickly and inexpensively –  is key.  By quickly capturing how people are feeling through the content experience and leveraging the largest database linking emotional response to commercial effects, Realeyes offers marketers, publishers, and media agencies the ability to assess content and optimise, at speed, for the platform.  With 24-48 hr turn-around to see who engages with the content, why, and how informed decisions can be made for very quick edits.  The latter may include:

1    Prioritising individual campaign elements against most engaged audiences

2    Branded skin reveals, to connect the brand to peak engagement moments or at very least leaving a positive branded impression if they click away before the end

3    CTAs to punctuate offers, promotions, or extended viewing options

4    Key moments for supers or sub-titles to emphasize with sound-off

5    Identifying key visuals to highlight to entice click-through

6    Other edits specific to your business

This is not about Creative Development (though it could be).  This is about quick edits just before going live to optimise the performance of the campaign in the platform.   We’re talking a small investment for better returns.

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